Friday, October 30, 2020

Fauna Care Giveaway!


Hi pals! Today we have a fun giveaway for you!

Let's tell em all about it Brinley. Fauna Care carries is a line of wound spray for pets. It's basically a first aid kit in a bottle. It's made with safe, highly-concentrated ingredients and no irritating preservatives, alcohol, or fragrances.

There's the silver spray (for cuts, abrasions, hot spots, and general wound care), the anti-fungal spray, the first aid spray (for fresh wounds or cuts), and the protect and condition spray (for moisturizing raw, irritated skin). And our giveaway is live just in time for that cold weather, which we all know can really irritate your skin. And since it's all sprays, it's easy for da humans to take care of any wounds ya might get without hurting you (or risking chompers, if uhhh, your name is Finley). 

Whaddya have to do to enter? Just tell me a reason why you would benefit from winning the complete wound care line from Fauna Care

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  1. that is a mighty good set... to be prepared for efurrything is super impawtant... a happy howloween to da bestest westies and their cat siblings ;O)

  2. We are lucky that we haven't gotten hurt in quite a while but it would be good to have those sprays on had if we needed them.

  3. Dalton & Benji are crazy rompers and they play very rough bitey games...sometimes there are yelps...indicating an ouchie! Benji gets thorns in his paws sometimes too. Al needing good care to keep infections at bay. Thanks for the chance to win those...though we hope to not have to use them much, BOL!!

  4. My best friend has an animal rescue so this would be super helpful.

  5. We live out in the country so our fur-babies are always out roaming around getting little scratches and stuff. One of our older babies gets hotspots so these would really be handy to have on hand.

  6. Our furbabies could really use this. Thank you for sharing this.


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