Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday so it's selfie time! We had a fun day today - I got a bike ride and we got a walk this afternoon. The leaves are still being RUDE - momma said it are gonna be a problem for months.

But da walk wuz a lotta fun. We wuz on da lookout for furohshus zombies and we barked a lotta em.

Finley taught us all about zombie hunting! So we make shure to bark a lot to make her proud.


  1. Yeah, we do that barking thing a lot too, to keep Angel MJF happy, BOL!!

  2. oh a bike ride? how great! da leaves can be a problem... when they get wet and slippery it is like ice skating, but without getting a gold medal LOL

  3. Great selfies all round, but I have to say, Finley is looking particularly spry and sparkling today. Keep at them pesky leaves and you'll soon be on top of them, MOL

  4. We have those leaves everywhere, and now that it is below freezing they will really be flying and dropping.

  5. You girls are looking good today. It sounds like you had a great day.

  6. Get even with the leaves. Import some fire from California.

    1. BOL, maybe all the Californians moving here will bring some.

  7. Glad you ladies were able to get outside for some walkies. I got stuck in the house with Dad all Sunday since GW had to work. I hope you got some of that chicken your kitty cat siblings were talking about!

  8. I am glad you know about zombie hunting and keep Texas safe.


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