Saturday, October 17, 2020

Rude Leaves!

Pals, my annual problem has returned.

No, it are not da cooler weather. We like dat, even if da momma duzn't.

And nope, it are not allergies, dat are Aunt Ally and Finley's problem.

My problem are VERY rude leaves. They hitch a ride on me legs, my tummy, and sometimes even my privacy please. 

They hitch a ride on my BFF too, but she duzn't seem to care.

Finley says I are ridiculous and da leaves are not trying to attack me.

Brinley says there are important problems in da world, like windshield wipers and sex perverts on TV. 

Did I menshun these leaves sometimes get near my privacy please?? I think they are da perverts . . . 

Whaddya mean #MeToo duzn't apply to leaf assaults Finley???


  1. Oh dear! That is not nice of those leaves to hitch a ride on you. We sure hope it doesn't mean you had to have a bath because of them.

  2. Bad leaves. We guess we are a bit taller and don't have this problem.

    1. Long hair and being short leads to da trubbull.

  3. It is OK for just the leaves to attack you. Start worrying when the tree comes after you.

    1. Yeah, I've seen what happened to our governor. No thanks.

  4. Oh, those leaves stick to me like glue, too, but on Dalton they just glide right off. Us (rough-furred)terriers sure have to endure a lot of nonsense, right??

    Petcretary took some really good pics pf me, Benji...but they are no good cause there is grass stuck to my schnooter, sheesh. Outdoors is dangerous, BOL!

  5. At first I thought you were upset that Ravishing Rick Rude moved out. Now I know you were referring to the flaky things that want to take a ride on us and get inside. How annoying.


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