Sunday, November 1, 2020

Kitty Problems


So our family's bad string of luck wif kitties continues. Today it wuz my lil partner in crime, Bowie. When da mommas woke up, he wuz weak and wobbly - acting kinda like he had had a stroke or something. So they rushed him off to the e-vet. 

We still don't know what wuz wrong wif him - did he fall, eat something bad, have his electrolytes outta whack, just have a mystery episode? But they GOOD news he are getting better and is sposed to get to come home tomorrow.  Good, cuz I missed having him home since me and him play all da time.

These kitties all need to get better! We don't like em being so sick.

Maybe it are Mercury retrograde. Maybe it wuz da full moon. We don't know, but we is tired of it all and da mommas are exhausted. At least we got our walk today.


  1. It's never nice when a member of the family is poorly. We sending you ALL our best wishes to lift the soul and aid the wellbeing.
    Such beautiful dresses and countenances too match.
    Lots of purrs

  2. And we second that motion...we need our kitties to be well.
    Get well soon, Bowie!

    Your doggy gang needs you:)

    Pipo is wobbly too, and looks like a bone rack with fur...sheesh, all in a couple of days...poor dude is on various meds, but so far nothing is helping. We fear the worst...

  3. why karma is such a beach and brings tears to you again? we hope your vet has good news for you and we send lots of potp

  4. Oh dear, what a nasty shock. We do hope that your playmate/partner-in-crime Bowie make a full recovery, that that the kitties stay well so you can all continue to have fun together.
    Toodle pip!

    1. Yeah, we just want our kitties to stay healthy.

  5. Oh dear! Cats are trouble and the ER vet is a money sucker. Hope your kitties get themselves back in order quickly!

  6. We're so sorry to hear Bowie isn't well. Our paws are crossed that he comes home soon and doesn't have any more episodes like it again.

  7. Not only are the mommas tired of it, they're now broke.

  8. There has been too much kitty drama at your home. We pray they both get better and stay that way for a long time.

  9. Get better real quick Bowie. It is time for happiness!

  10. Take care of your momma and Bowie, sweeties, you are the best medicine for all😸Extra Pawkisses for a Healthy Day to you all🐾😽💞


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