Friday, November 13, 2020

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today wuz my Grandma's birthday!

Happy birthday Grandma! 

We all made shure to give her extra westie kisses today.

My momma made her all kinds good stuff to eat - shrimp eggs benedict and mimosas for brunch, crawfish eh-too-fay for dinner, and chocolate cake for dessert.

Dat cake does look pretty tasty.

We is lucky pups to have her - she is da bestest momma/grandma ever!

And we has more good news - our kitties are all doing good now. Bowie is all back to normal and Travis got to ditch da cone of shame.

Now off to go hunt for crumbs!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandma, Kinley & Brinley! And Happy Birthday to your Momma, Finley!

    Petcretary had a good BD too...the unfurs came over and filled the table with a mountain of good things to eat! Alas we got no crumbs only our own dinners and a chew bone...but we got lots of pets! Even Dalton:)

    Pawppy got up to enjoy the meal at the table...walked around for a bit and then found the bed all ready for him again...every day is a tiny bit better....we will get there, eventually...

    1. Glad to hear he's getting better, even if da recovery are slow.

  2. The kitties' doing better is a wonderful birthday present.

  3. Happy birthday to your grandma. You all look great and we're so happy to hear your kitties are feeling better too.

  4. That was a lovely cake. Happy birthday to your grandma!

  5. I was going to wish your grandma happy barkday, but I don't think that's right... BOL.


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