Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Another Bowie Update


Well, as you can tell by his picture today, Bowie is doing better. He's still obviously not one hundred purrcent, but he is much more steady on his feet. And his eyesight is returning - we can tell there is some sight in each eye (his pupils contract when you shine a light in them and he follows things with his eyes), but it is also not one hundred purrcent. There seems to be some uneven dilation of his eyes. He has been been drinking water, but still duzn't wanna eat, so his momma has been spoonfeeding him. 

I got to hang out wif him a lot today, he spent most of the day sleeping on my bed wif me and Brinley.

We luv our kitty brofur so much and are glad he are getting better. We're all taking care of him and guarding him now. 

And remember to tell your humans to go VOTE if they haven't yet. Otherwise, Finley might give ya a butt bite.


  1. Its good to know Bowie is feeling better, and improving.
    Wags wiggles, Pawyers and POTP from us to the wee dude!

  2. we hope you can share such good news efurry day now till your kitty bro is back to 100%... all our paws are crossed that no more tears and sorrows will come to you...

  3. We hope your kitty continues to feel better and his eyes get better too.

  4. We're glad to hear Bowie is feeling better but we're keeping our paws crossed for him for a while.

  5. How old is he? whatev er the answer-good luck.

  6. We are so sorry to read that now Bowie is I'll. POTP!


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