Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday Tunes

Hi pals! Well, it has been a busy couple days for us.

We has been having to defend da house from all kinds of monsters - momma says dey is just doing road construction and dat we are not gonna bark em away, but I think she are wrong. Cuz we barked and barked and den dey left when it got dark.

We shure showed them, huh Finley?

Anyways, we wuz so busy barkin that we forgot to do our Music Monday post! 

So we are posting today! Since last Friday wuz Brinley and Finley's momma's birthday, we are picking some of her favorite songs.   

There's even more over on Travis' blog.


  1. we love da promising smile of your Finley and we bet it was sure a firework for da zombies ;O)

  2. Great music selection today girls.
    I hope those road construction workers didn't come back when it was light again...
    Toodle pip!

    1. Ackshually they didn't. Which seemed to annoy Grandma since she wants them to be DONE.

  3. Don't forget to go out and mark the construction to show them that you were there.

  4. You girls do a great job protecting your home. We enjoyed your music today.

  5. Happy birthday Finley and Brinley's Momma! Thanks for the music!

  6. Tuesday music is just as good. Keep the house safe.

  7. We made sure to bark our road crews away too, when they were here a couple summers ago. They make too much noise! Way more than we do...BOL!

    Gotta keep the home-front safe, eh?!

  8. CCr you can't go wrong with them!!


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