Saturday, January 30, 2021

Caturday Art

Hey pals! Well, I guess this haircut isn't TOO bad. I can see again. 

Brinley still hasn't gotten hers. Her momma had to have surgery dis week to get a skin cancer removed, so Brinley got a reprieve on da haircut for a while.


Finley got as much of a haircut as she wuz willing to tolerate, BOL. 

Anyways, we've been getting to go on walks, but I've been missing my bike rides. It wuz crazy windy today - I even barked it a few times. 

We got to run around da backyard.

It wuz a LOTTA work.

I don't think I have enuf beds. Momma called me da Puppy Princess and da Pee, but I don't know why since I didn't wet da bed. 

She are silly sometimes.

Ok, a lotta da time.

Momma did a drawing for da Caturday Art blog hop dis week.

Have a pawsome weekend pals!


  1. Looking adorable as always and the artwork is great!

  2. You girls are all so cute today. We have our paws crossed for Brinley's momma and hope all is well soon.

  3. Lookin good girl. Such beautiful eyes.

  4. Your Cowboys can't lose this weekend.

  5. Hi ladies! My ghostwriter says I'm getting a bit shaggy and due for grooming. But hopefully we can put it off a few more weeks.

  6. Furrst of all - We are purring like crazy that all will be well with Brinley's Momma.
    Secondly - you two look pawsome with or without a haircut.
    Thirdly - OUR Mummy would be furry happy indeed if She could get a haircut but We are still stuck in this stupid Lockdown!!!

    1. Fanks. She got her stitches out today so she is happy.

  7. You all look great ! Purrayers for Brinley's Mama to be all better soon !

  8. Hope all will be well with Brinley's Momma! POTP for her:)

    We sure hope we won't need a haircut...well, at least Dalton has short furs, Benji?? Well he IS shaggy, but we think he's supposed to be, BOL!

    1. Fanks. Brinley's momma got her stitches out today, she is glad they are gone!


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