Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday Selfies


Aroo! It's time for our Sunday selfies.

We just barely met da Sunday deadline. Guess that is what happens when ya is busy barkin and patrollin all day.

Oh yeah, and napping too.


  1. wow you even work on a sunday? that's brilliant... and you will get the double payment in treats, right?

  2. Do you charge a premium wage for weekend duty??

    Your selfies are sweet, even the bad hair day one of Finley, BOL!

  3. Phew. Thank goodness you Westie girls did not miss your deadline.
    That would have been unforgivable!

  4. I have Cowboy playoff tickets for sale-cheap.

  5. It is always so good to see you all in the selfies each week. Have a good and safe week all of you.

  6. Even if it is 11:59 PM it's not too late. You all are looking great.


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