Friday, January 1, 2021

Yappy 2021!


Yappy 2021! It's a new year, so it's time for some new year's resolushuns. I are resolving to spend more time getting belly rubs. I don't think I got enuf belly rubs dis last year. Maybe I should aim for an hour a day minimum?? Oh and more HUGS. I luv hugs. And a couple more rat kills. Cuz I are a terrier.

Brinley has promised to help wif da rodent hunting. But she are also resolving to finally bark Scut Farkus off da TV for good when he reappears at the beginning of December. And to chase away all windshield wipers, rain, and snow dat might appear on da TV. She takes her TV seriously. 

Finley says she's resolving to stay alive and if ya want any more from her, you can just bite it. Or she can just bite you. Don't ask me, I know she are da boss and I let her do what she wants. Oh, and didja notice we ALL match today?? 


  1. Y'all DO match! BOL!

    I love Finley's resolution! More BOL!

    We love those belly rubs, too...and the cuddles, esp Dalton is a cuddle bug, but only with petcretary...he grumps (or worse), at the menfolk...a lot...too much. We think he wants them to go away like Brinley wants her bullies to get lost...only with D, it is for real...sigh...we peeps don't think he'll ever get that we ALL love him. sheesh. He is so messed up. His resolution should be to 'get over it'!

    1. Aww, dat's too bad - guys give great belly rubs. Now, just to find a guy for momma and me, BOL.

  2. And a Yappy New Year to my Westie friends!
    Yours are a set of terrier-perfect resolutions.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Those are great resolutions. You girls look so cute in your matching outfits.

  4. You always match. 2 eyes, 2 ears, and a nose.


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