Monday, January 11, 2021

Monday Selfies

Hey pals! So I know we is a lil late wif da selfies, but it wuz a busy weekend. 


Da mommas had to do all da Christmas undecorating.

Da tree alone took 24 hours of work!

Good thing all I had to do wuz look cute!

And yesterday we even got some snow!

Finley says it wuz not a "real" snow and it wuz just a lil bit dat didn't really stick. It wuz da most snow me and Brinley has ever seen.

It wuz not really much to play in and it are all gone now.

At least we got our walk again today.

And an extra cookie too!


  1. You got snow! Yes, we have seen some of your snowy pictures...but right now we don't have a lot of snow here either...which is bad, cause we need to fix the dryness/drought we are in around here.

    Glad you got a walk in...and yummy treats, too:)

  2. oooh we agree, that was sure a lot of work... but your mom's made some beautiful selfies anyway ;O)

  3. You girls are looking so cute today and you got more snow than we have!

  4. We had snow that stuck about 14 years ago. If we wanted it, we could drive north about an hour and a half. So far it has been "no thanks, you can have it".

    1. Yeah, we could go find it if we wanted I guess. My momma says she prefers the idea of going to see snow if she wants it instead of it coming here.

  5. My favorite kind of snow is the one that doesn't stick around for long.

  6. I'd like to see some snow one day


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