Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Why ME?

So dis are my haircut.

Obviously Finley has managed to avoid getting one. I think it has to do wif her fondness for attempting to bite if she sees scissors, but she says it are just Quarantine Style.

Brinley got to skip grooming too. It are so unfair!!!

I decided to make my hairs look as silly as I could here. 

Ok, I still can't compete.

Brinley's hoping that she gets to keep escaping her visit to da grooming table.


  1. I think the Finley doo involves putting a paw in an electrical outlet. That's her secret.

  2. Awww, but you look so beautiful now!

    Finley will get her turn...eventually, well, as I recall, it will be a 'sort of', BOL!
    I betcha that Brinley will be groomed before long...and you can watch and grin:)

  3. oooh you look super beautiful... can we send the mama? she has a covid hairstyle too but she looks not as cute as your finley hahahaha

  4. Sounds like the torture is coming one at a time...suspense...who will be the next victim?

  5. You girls all look great. We bet Brinley will see the grooming table soon.

  6. I don't know why the humans care so much about grooming.

  7. That's not fair that you were the only one!

  8. As Lady's dad always says - who said life was going to be fair? We think you should try the biting trick.


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