Thursday, January 14, 2021

Dress Up Your Pet Day


It's Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Wait, that are not everyday?


Finley wore her new bandana.

Me and Brinley wore our new dress.

It's da reverse side of da pink dress from yesterday.

Here's a closeup.

Did ya see da birdies?


  1. You girls nail dress up day every day. We love this side of your new dresses.

  2. I see the birdie when I look in the mirror.

  3. You ladies are always the most fashionably dressed doggies!

  4. We just love your Spring dresses!! You're right, everyday is dress up your pet day around here too! BOL

  5. We managed to escape this day, you ladies look lovely,

  6. Hah! She was working and we did not get dressed up, unless you count our collars...BOL!
    Pretty dresses you ladies! And yes you are dressed up evfurry day!!


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