Friday, January 8, 2021

Flower Friday

Hi pals! Well, da country keeps on being crazy.

We kinda think dey should spend more time petting pups and less time being insane, but whatefurs.

But we're warning em - if anyone tries to storm in here, dey are gonna get a butt bite. Or maybe an ankle bite.

But definitely a bite.

Anyways, we is trying to cheer da mommas up wif our cute faces.

Plus, it helps us get bacon bits.

Since it are Flower Friday, we thought we'd show ya some of da pansies dat are bloomin in da pots outside.

Since da Christmas decorayshuns went down yesterday, da flowers has got to step up their game.

Have a good weekend pals.


  1. All we can do is to try to be ourselves and make our parents smile.

  2. I had an invader come into my house yesterday. But he came to fix the fridge, so that's OK.

    We've got no flowers in our yard. So it was nice to see yours.

  3. We know you helped your family feel better by being there to make them smile and keeping all the bad people away by biting them in the butt.

  4. My human seems nice, but I've heard plenty are dumb.

  5. You gals are good therapy for your furmily and for all of us 'readers/followers'!

    And so are those pansies! They always have their smiley faces on:)

    Dalton got all crazy too, he has tried to attack unfurbro-the-elder a few times this past week....sheesh, whack-a-doodle is contagious??

    He's bitten peeps 4 or more times since coming here, if he continues, I am not sure what to do...its so frustrating and sad, he surely has had enough time to get used to all of us. He is just so bad with the menfolk. and they even feed and give out the treats.

    1. That's too bad - he musta had a bad experience wif men in his past. Finley is our resident biter, but she has so many issues (the allergies and arthritis being the worst), da mommas try to being forgiving.


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