Friday, April 30, 2021

There's No Place Like Gnome


Ok, I know da saying are dere are no place like home.

Which is where we has been stuck becuz it are STILL raining.

But we still got to show off our new gnome stuff - Finley is rocking her bandana.

Me and Brinley wore our new dresses.

I say, gnome are where da westie are! BOL BOL!

Here's a closeup of da lil gnome buttons.

Fanks for da new dresses momma!


  1. Oh give me a gnome...where da ladybugs roam, and the rains do not drip all the day...where seldom is heard, bad barks or a word; and the doggies and gnomes all do play!

  2. Those dresses are so cute as are you three too.

  3. Very cute! Our garden gnomes are't as colorful as the ones on your dresses.

  4. If you think that there's no place like Nome, head north to Alaske.


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