Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ready for Howloween!


Hey pals! Well, we has been busy gettin ready for Howloween here. Which means I has been having to guard momma from zombiez and da werewolf zombie dogs dey own. Yeah, it are a tuff job and dey are ALL over my park. I even had one growl at me and try to run at me today in my own parking lot. RUDE!

Ok, but between guardin momma from all da zombies and dere zombie werewolf dogs, I also got to model my new Howloween dress!

Dis side are just pumpkins and leaves, so it are good for all of fall Pumpkin Spice Season.

And yeah, dere's pumpkin buttons too!

Today I got to wear the other side, which are Howloween themed.

And look, I'm not da only one! Brinley got to wear hers today too! Good thing she sent me pics from Plano!

Wait, if it are Howloween, why are dere kitty cats on it??

I don't know either, but I are ready to bark zombies in it.

And there's jack o'lantern buttons on it too!!


  1. that is super beautiful!!! we are not ready but maybe the mama can do some decorations in november LOL

  2. We think the kitties on the dress want to play in the pumpkin patch!

    Your dresses are very cute!
    Let the zombies beware...the terrierist is on duty!

  3. Love your Halloween dress and the pumpkin buttons are the bestest!

  4. Both sides of your dress are adorable. Cats are probably on the one side because we think they are spooky sometimes.

  5. Both sides of your new dress are so cute and you are such a great model.

  6. We loooove your new dresses and, as usual, Mama loves those buttons!!!
    Jakey and the Gang


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