Saturday, October 9, 2021

Weekend Westie


So it has been a lil boring around dis joint wif no Brinley to bark wif. But sometimes I hear her on da phone and I bark along. 

But I did get some bacon bites today, so things aren't too bad around here. And I kept my momma company while she watched da footballs. And she finished a new Yowloween dress for me!


  1. I guess we have to wait a bit to see your new Yowloween dress...
    What fun to have phone barks with Brinley! If we hear our cousin we go outside to hunt for him,BOL!

    Our team won their game, Hooray!

    1. I run around lookin for her too.

      Momma's team (UCLA) won, but Texas, well, let's not bark about it.

  2. Boring isn't too bad if you get some bacon out of it!

  3. Hey Kinley
    I think a Westie Weekend is way better than the Wet Weekend we had
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. We're sad you're missing your sister. Hopefully you'll get to visit again soon.


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