Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday Selfie


It's Sunday so it's selfie time! And it are WINDY here - and no, it are not cuz I has been eatin beans. I wuz havin fun stickin my face into da 35 mph winds (and no, dat are NOT counting wind gusts which were much higher) when momma took me out at halftime, but she said here wuz a lotta dust so we had to go in since dat couldn't be good for either one of us to be breathin. Oh well, it wuz fun while I got to do it. Now I just gotta wait until momma cooks da chikken for her tacos and hope I can beg some off her!


  1. Listen to your mom. She keeps you safe. In the end all we are is dust in the wind.

    1. Well, I guess we'll all wind up in Lubbock then.

  2. we hope da dust in the wind goes back to the song where it belongs, and you can enjoy a good walk with your mama...

  3. We're glad you didn't get blown away from all that wind. You look cute in your Cowboys dress.

  4. Windy days can be fun, but not when the wind is throwing stuff at you!

  5. We sure hope you got some of that chicken!!
    Jakey and the Gang

  6. That kind of blowing dust would sting in the eyes, and on our faces. And it might make you cough...petcretary would likely get an asthma attack.

    Hope you got some yummy chicken!
    We have windy rain right now.


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