Saturday, March 28, 2020

Quarantine Pluses and Perils

So da quarantine continues. Dere are pawsitives. Like da extra time snuggling, extra backyard time, and bike rides.

And of course da walks!

One GOOD thing my momma has done during dis whole thing are finish up my March dress. Ya saw da udder side yesterday.

Since March goes out like a lamb (supposedly) . . . 

Today it kinda did since it wuz sunshiney in da afternoon.

These lil lambs are cuties.

And there's lamb buttons.

But I gotta warn ya, quarantine has some perils too.

Like GROOMING! If my momma could go somewhere, she mighta not spent Saturday night sheering me like I wuz a sheep.

Seriously momma! I ended up wif my face a lil shorter dan she woulda liked since I jerked my head at a "bad time" but at least my hair grows fast.

Yikes. Well, at least I can see again.


  1. A terrier in lamb's cute.

  2. Love your lambie dress! Mom tells me that I'll be on the grooming table before too long too.

  3. Kinley, given that all the human's hairdressers are closed in the UK, and are likely to stay shut for a good while, I am thinking that some of our peeps are going to get a taste of their own medicine when it comes to home haircuts etc....
    Toodle pip!

  4. We hope this post does not inspire grooming at our house.

  5. We love the little lamb buttons! Hang in there ladies!

  6. We love the lamb side of your dress. What fun to have a lion and lamb dress. We think you look fabulous. At least you can still get a hair cut. Our mom has short hair and gets it cut every 4 weeks. She may have to go 2 or more months before she can get it cut again and by then she will need to invest in some barrettes or a head band.

    1. My momma HAD a hair dye appointment for the 26th. It got cancelled and who knows when she'll get to get it done.

  7. We love the details on you dress. It is perfect.

  8. Aww, I loves your lamb dress! But I am VERY glad that boxers are wash and wear! No grooming for us. I definitely would not hold still ever.

  9. Petcretary is going to get some ribbon, hairbands and barrettes for her getting way too shaggy hair...

    You look so cute, Kinley! OMD! We can see your bright eyes now:)

    March is still roaring quite a bit here, with 50MPG gusts and rain at tomes...maybe it will be nicer tomorrow so the lamb can cavort in our yard...that would be fun!


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