Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Terrier Tuesday

Hey pals!

We hope all our pals are staying safe. My momma are going crazy - our county has a semi-lockdown. It's kinda confusing, but it duz mean momma are gonna be stuck wif dark roots for a while unless she gets adventurous wif da bleach at home.

Not everyone is lucky enuf to be a platinum blonde.

She are trying to keep busy wif fun stuff like bike rides and playing wif me. But she also gets upset becuz she's seeing people's rights being taken away (and not just the right to a good dye job, BOL) and no one seems to care. She gets the seriousness of all of this, but she's also a lawyer and is seeing some very big infringements on people's rights and she can't get anyone to care, so she gets mad.

We keep telling her to stop reading stuff on the internet that makes her mad and just play wif us.

She did a lil better at that today.

Hope your humans are healthy and less crazy than mine!

I recommend dey get some sunshine if they can - it's da best medicine!


  1. Getting outside for our morning walkie is one of the best times of the day! Mom has been binging The Good Wife and she is loving it!

  2. Hopefully all this craziness will be gone soon!

  3. There isn't much sunshine around here but we get as much as we can. It looks like you are having fun with your mom on the bike. Enjoy your rides.

  4. Mama is staying busy painting the house, and staying away from all things media(besides our blogs BOL!)

    Hang in there!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

    1. Yeah, momma's trying to limit it becuz it just makes her even madder.

  5. Yup...pawppy is going nuts, cause he has to do his work at home...which being an engineer, he needs things not available here...and while they used to have the software to telecommute, that was taken away last year after someone hacked them. Sheesh. Now when they need it the most, its not available. Booo.
    Unfurbro-the-younger in the same pickle...how can you design bridges in your bedroom?? If it wasn't so bad it would be funny...

    Petcretary at least can get out...she has to work. Peeps in nursing homes have to be taken care of and that is exactly what she does, though its crazy in there too, with no visitors and peeps with dementia do not understand that...

    We get more walks! Hooray!
    Sunshine and fresh air is good for more than peeps, right?

    And *she* managed to get an oil change yesterday, but no haircut, so soon she will be shaggier than me, Benji, BOL!

    Hope you'll have a nice day, even so:)
    Entertain your peeps and let them play lots of game with you!

    1. Yeah, it's illegal to do any personal training right now, so momma only has her momma and sister as clients, BOL.

  6. Mom said she would be my blog staffie again. Wippy. Says it's a fun distraction from da news. Auntie D is baking and baking.

  7. Lady's number one concern in this time is her roots. She is glad she is not alone.

    1. BOL, my momma are not a natural platinum blonde like me.

  8. Sunshine and walks and snuggles. Yep, peeps need that.

  9. Tell your mom dark roots beat white roots any day.

  10. Ma was just thinkin' today that she better buy some fur-color for herself ~ with all the salons closed they might run out of her color! BOL! Tells your Moms to keep the interwebs to a minimum! too much keraziness out there!
    Ruby ♥

  11. West Highland Platinum Blond Terriers?


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