Friday, March 27, 2020

Fashion Friday!

It's Friday! And we have a new dress to show off.

Yeah, momma actually did something besides freak out or piss off everyone on Facebook.

Shocking I know.

Dey say March comes in like a lion.

So we have lion dresses!

Don't worry Brinley, dey are not real lions. 

We're ready for a safari! Ok, the only safari is gonna be our walks, and we didn't even see any kitties today. Guess we'll just hafta watch da kitties in da house.

And yeah, there's lion buttons too!

We took over momma's bed today. No social distancing here!

Since it are also Nature Friday, we thought we'd show off some of da irises blooming outside.

Lots of em are starting to pop up!

We've got all kindsa different colors.

They are in the front and da back yard.

And some of em smell good too!


  1. Your Irises are so beautiful and so are your lion dresses!

  2. It appears that March is going out like a lion this year. It was forty degrees when I woke up. Some years it has hit 100 in Arizona already.

    1. Brrrr, that's way too cold. It's already gotten to 90 here.

  3. You ladies are looking very fierce in those lion dresses. Stay safe!

  4. Those are some pawsome dresses girls! I love the flowers, they're are gorgeous -Iris, I'm guessing. I need to get on FB and get caught up on all the controversy! Stay safe and healthy everyone.

  5. Your dresses are so cute. We love seeing your flowers since we won't be seeing many for a while up in the north.

  6. Now you can stalk the jungle and roar like lions!

    Well, maybe later when things are normal af=gain, whatever that is...BOL!

    Your irises are ever so gorgeous!


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