Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hey pals, it's selfie time! Well, I hope ya had a fun weekend full of family, friends, football, and most importantly FOOD. 


Dis whole dumb virus thing meant some peoples couldn't do their normal thing, but since our family always just has a household-only Thanksgiving there wuz no difference. 

And there are a BIG benefit to not doing a BIG Thanksgiving - more leftovers! 

And ya know who'll be there to help da humans eat some of that extra turkey . . .  

Yeah, the dogs are the real winners.

Da mommas got started on Christmas decorating yesterday. Me and Brinley "helped."

Finley wuz still in a turkey coma this morning.


  1. I am sure you are a big help when it comes to decorating.

  2. Football? I didn't see any from the Cowpokes.

  3. Eeek, Finley has that 'cold turkey' stoned look for sure! MOL
    We are glad you all had a great day of thanks giving, and with the extra you can fortify yourselves for the Christmas antics and support your human staff will need ;)
    Purrs to you all for a happy and safe week.

  4. Finley, you made *her* giggle!!

    We only have a foursome here too...the pawrents and the two (eligible ~ BOL), bachelor sons...
    We also scored leftovers...but there was no decorating here...yet. The living room here, is full of a pulled out couch for pawppy, and there is nowhere else to put up our tree...small as it is. Sheesh, no place even to put anything in there!! Oh well, maybe he can navigate the stairs in time to get our tree up...we hope!

    1. I hope so! I guess you could decorate da couch, BOL.

  5. that is true... more leftovers... yes!

  6. Mom has more leftovers too because most of her family cancelled last minute but we are fine with it :) Enjoy.

  7. You girls are all looking good today. We love getting left overs too.

  8. Since the Mommy ran off to see her parents we didn't have a turkey. She brought some back, sausage and ham too but the humans didn't share. We guess Grandma's kitties and Lady O got all the leftovers.

  9. It's nice to see you ladies. Glad you had a good turkey day. My ghostwriter had to work the entire holiday weekend, so we didn't do anything special. But tomorrow we're going to cook a big roast beef in the crock pot. Yummy!!!


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