Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday Selfies


Hi pals!

I has been having so much fun wif my BFF!

Yesterday, da momma's watched A Christmas Story and Brinley went CRAZY like she always does. She hates dat Scut Farkus and goes berserk when he is on - until Ralphie beats him up. She LOVES dat scene. It are so funny to watch wif her - but it are a good thing da mommas know all da lines since it are not exactly easy to hear da dialogue.

Today da momma's got to work on decorating outdoors.

Decorating da dogs happens everyday, BOL.

We also got in a walk and got to bark da nayborhood - it are so much fun to walk wif my BFF!

Hmmm, now to go beg for some more treats!


  1. I can't imagine you two will ever have to beg for xmas treats looking as fab as you do! What a beautiful picture you make together.

  2. that is so super cute!! and we love the idea to eat da cookies LOL

  3. It sounds like you two are having a great time together. That is such a cute shirt!

  4. Your shirt had me in fits of giggles!! Poor Santa :-)


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