Friday, October 4, 2019

Fashion Friday

Good news - my kitty brofur Travis are feelin good again!

He's back to hanging out wif everyone.

And he's back to meowing at momma for food nonstop, MOL.

We's all glad he's feelin better - he had us worried!

And since we're feelin good, we thought we'd show off da reverse side of our zebra dresses.

Featuring MORE zebras.

These ones are kinda popping out of the background.

And yeah, there are more zebra buttons.

I heard zebras are good at hiding. 

We need to figger out somewhere good to hide. Da mommas has been talking about grooming again.

And my momma even called me Cousin It! What da WOOF? I know it are October and she are Halloween-obsessed, but it are still rude!


  1. Cousin Itt--NO WAY! We think hiding is a great idea. But the plan may be scuppered if steak or bacon are brought out. Just sayin'.

    Glad to hear Travis is back in business!

  2. We're so happy that Travis is back to being himself! Love your dresses!

  3. We're glad to hear Travis is feeling better. Those dresses are so cute and so are you all.

  4. Oh oh! Dont get GW thinking about the groomer. I'm way overdue too.

    Glad your kitty cat bro is feeling better.

  5. You are all looking so lovely for Fashion Friday. We are very happy to read that Travis is feeling much better. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Have a fantastic rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals

  6. You haven't made up a name for her to get even?


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