Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Terrier Tuesday

Yappy Terrier Tuesday!

We has some good news!

Travis are startin to feel better - he's been eating a lot and has been more social da last couple days!

Yay! I'm glad my kitty brofur are startin to feel better again! Momma says I still needs chill out around him though.

Yeah, da idea of me chillin out are makin Brinley laff!

Finley says I better behave or else she are gonna hafta go Sheriff Finley on me. YIKES! 

So maybe I better show off my new dress and not even think about chasin dat kitty.

Momma made us zebra dresses. 

Here's a close up!

And yeah, dat are black and white stripey rick rack. Brinley's momma finds da best stuff! 


  1. Those zebra faces are adorable! So glad your kitty is feeling better. We were wondering about how he was doing.

  2. We are so happy that Travis is feeling better! Your zebra dresses are just too cute and we love the buttons!

  3. Glad Travis is feeling better. Have a good couple of weeks.

  4. Those dresses are adorable!
    Maybe you can chase zebras instead of kitties? Or at least dream about it. BOL!

  5. Glad Travis is doing better. Where does your mom find all those cute fabrics and the matching buttons? Does she make dresses for herself that match the ones you pups wear?

  6. We love your snazzy zebra dress, but are slightly disappointed not to learn what happens when Finlley goes Sheriff...
    Toodle pip!

  7. We're so glad to hear Travis is feeling better. That sure is a cute dress your mom made.

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  9. So happy Travis is on the mend. And love your new dress--though we don't think that dress is going to erase Travis from your mind...just sayin'.

  10. Great news that Travis is feeling better!
    Mabel & Hilda

  11. SO glads Travis is feelin' betters!!! That is FABulous news!
    And you gurls are lookin' adorables as evers!
    Ruby ♥


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