Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tuff Fluff

It are very hard to be a fluffy lil dog.

No one takes ya see-ree-usly. Ya bark, ya growl, and ya gets peeps going "how cute!" an laffin??? What da woof?? 

Don't they know we are terrierists??? No respect, no respect at all. Maybe if they saw what we do to rats . . .


  1. Yup, we need to have more respect here too, and we are NOT fluffy...Grrr! We too are terrierists, BOL!

    um...but petcretary says you *are* cute!

  2. Kinley, I totally relate to this problem. Can you imagine, when I was standing there waiting for a train in London yesterday, someone came to me and said they had to check I wasn't a toy!
    Toodle pip!

  3. We know that the smaller the Terrier; the larger the attitude. We have total respect!

  4. You say it is hard ... but you do it so well! And by the way, your Bark-O-Ween decorated page and header are totally pawsome!

  5. Mom makes fun of our howling too. She says an intruder would laugh to death with us on watch. No appreciation.

  6. Why don't you show them that you are tough big dogs?

  7. respect. You could try to bite an ankle or two, but then, you'd be in big trouble!


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