Saturday, December 21, 2019

Christmas Decorations!

Well, da mommas are still gettin all ready for Christmas. Today they wuz making the decorated cookies. I wuz helping by trying to trip them - ya can't blame a girl for hopin they drop a cookie! 

Well, it beats grooming US which apparently are on the list of "things to do." Uhh, I say we EAT the list!

Or at least rip it apart. 

Anyways, my momma FINALLY cleaned her room last night, so I can show ya da most Christmassy room around!

The bed. Pretty shure those kitties think they're Christmas decorations too, BOL!

The wreath.

Our cards. Travis is beating me! At least I'm beating momma, nobody sends her a card, BOL. Da only she gets are from grandma. 

You'd think she's running outta room, but she adds more every year.

The lights are on nonstop and so is Christmas music (well, unless the TV are on - and usually it are Christmas movies).

Yeah, it's A LOT.

And we LUV it!

Yeah, good thing my momma can sleep wherever.

The bear and the Christmas countdown Santa.

I got a special sign for MY crate this year. Momma says I am so sweet and happy - just like Buddy the Elf. And smiling is my favorite. 

Travis got a sign too. Becuz he eats so piggy - it makes us pups look like neat eaters!!

Even the Kleenexes are Christmas!

Momma's mini-tree.

The ceramic tree is new this year - my momma and grandma both made them.

As is the westie cookie jar. She also got a matching westie coffee mug!

Christmas town!

Travis has a litter box wreath, BOL!

Da Peanuts light show.

Yeah, Christmas is everywhere!

Ho ho ho!

I like getting up in the middle of da stuffies, but I wuzn't in the room when she took this pic.

Me and my BFF have our own flag! It's outside too! 

So can ya tell momma likes Christmas??


  1. Your mom did an excellent job decorating. Next year she can do our house

  2. Wow, I have never ever in my life seen so many Christmas decorations. Awesome!
    Toodle pip!
    PS Your momma needs to come over to Scotland and teach Gail how to enjoy Christmas...

  3. Nothing says "Christmas" like a wreath on the litter box.

  4. That sure is a lot of decorations. We're wondering how your mom sleeps in her bed with all those stuffies and then the pups and kitties that join her at night.

  5. Holy guacamole! We have never seen so many decorations in one place! Looks like a toy store! So many squeaky toys … so many squeaky toys … squeaky toys … squeaky … toys!!!!

  6. That is a lot of decorations! We be even more than in a Christmas Shop! Looks very festive.

    And why don't they drop cookies, but do drop onions?


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