Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Nice List??

So I am trying my hardest to get on the nice list this year.

Finley says da Nice List are FAKE NEWS becuz she gets presents every year no matter what she duz. And let's just say Finley duz whatever she wants, whenever she wants, wherever she wants. 

Brinley's hoping barkin da TV at midnight (and one in the morning and two in the morning, etc.) won't get her on da no presents list. 

I'm just counting on cuteness!

Good thing we've all got that going on!

The mommas has been busy decorating. The inside, the tree (it only took two days!), and now the outside.

Hmmm, I hope they remember to buy US presents!

We got our first tree pictures today!

At least they haven't gotten the antlers out yet. 

Hmm, maybe it's good they stay busy decorating!

We'll post some pics soon of all the decorations.

I don't usually share my momma's art stuff on here, but I liked today's drawing. 

I bet Santa's keeping that present!


  1. Kinley, do tell me how I get on the Nice List too.
    Toodle pip!
    PS We LOVE your momma's drawing.

  2. Your mom does an excellent job of drawing. Our mom can't even draw a stick person!

  3. Your dresses are adorable! Your mom should color that picture and make it your Christmas card.

  4. There's a "nice list"? Who knew?

  5. I'm sure you ladies will get lots of presents. Can't wait to see your Christmas tree! Oh, and we love your Mom's drawing!

  6. I"m sure you'll be on Santa's nice list. Don't worry! We love your mom's beautiful drawing!

  7. Finley has reached that grand old age where she can do ANYTHING she wants to do! We think cuteness will carry you long as you don't do anything too bad and, alas, wear the dreaded antlers....

  8. We are pretty sure Finley is right and the No Presents list is fake news, or at least we sure hope it is...BOL!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  9. We think your cuteness will definitely keep you on the nice list.

  10. I think cuteness DEFINITELY gets you on the Nice List, or I would've gotten all coal last year!

  11. You all look so cute we know Santa will treat you right
    Mabel & Hilda

  12. do I gets on this 'nice list'?? I thinks I'm with matter what I do, I still gets pressies! hehehehee
    Don't worry gurls!
    Ruby ♥

  13. Awwww many many cute stuffs are here. Love your mom's drawing!!



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