Friday, December 20, 2019

Elf Negotiations

So Elwood and Aubrey, are y'all promising a good report to Santa??

Finley says we can bury ya in da yard and Santa would never find ya.


Oh and Santa don't need to know nuffin about Brinley barkin da TV and midnight. At 2 AM.

And he definitely don't need to know about Finley growlin people when she's half asleep or uhhh, "accidents" in the living room.

Or the "accidents" NotMe does in Ally's room when the door closes behind her. I mean, sometimes a girl just gets scared and has got to pee when a door closes behind em.  It's not NotMe's fault at all.

So keep your mouth's shut.

Or maybe I'll give ya extra kisses. 

Momma does say I could lick someone to death, BOL!


  1. We're sure those elves will give you all great reports.

  2. Only a few more days until Christmas. After that, you can toss those tattletales back to the storage bin.

  3. There's a law about self incrimination which you just did.

  4. BOL bury in da backyard might just get ya on da naughty list I would go wif da kisses ;)

    Matt (& Matilda)


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