Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Eve Eve

OMD, Santa are ALMOST here!!!

Just two more nights to go!!!

We can't wait! At least we got a walk today to get out some of our energy. Unfortunately, we also got our pre-Christmas baffs too.

We hoped ya like seeing the tree yesterday. Today we is gonna show ya da outside decorayshuns. 

Don't worry, it duzn't feature our "yard art."

Da front door.

My grandma did a new wreath this year - it's got a tropical/retro vibe.

My momma set up and old artifishul tree wif lights outside.

Da deers wuz a gift from a neighbor down the street. He had 9 and his wife would only let him put up 5. We'd admired em, so we got em. And he said they liked seeing US pull my momma around. So pretty shure we earned those deers.

The penguin's a new addishun too.

Da three light-up westies! Everyone knows it's our house!

There's a garland over the entry too - it's probably it's last year and it'll be replaced by a better one next year.

Of course everything looks better lit up!

There's 2 of these lil reindeer and rosemary trees on the porch.

Da westies are da best part.

It wuz a bit of a "rebuilding year" for lights - some old light strands went out so there aren't really more lights than last year even though we had to buy more.

We like the LED multi-color lights here.

The brighter the better.

The candy cane forest. BOL.

Snowman and Mr. Penguin.

A wide shot of the yard (and momma's car MOL). She says we need MORE lights.

It is the best one on the block.

But da mommas don't stop wif da front yard. We have rear-entry garages and alleys here, so they really do up the alley and the carport. 

Momma says it's kinda magical to drive through.

Even though we're in the middle of the block, you can see our fence when you go in the alley!

And the backyard gets done up too. The shade arbor has snowflakes hanging from it - just like out front.

Definitely more lights needed!

Ok, just showing off all those lights wuz eggzaustin! I needs a nap!


  1. Merry Christmas Eve, girls! We love all of your beautiful decorations!

  2. Very festive! The deer are cute as are the 3 Westies :) Merry Christmas!

  3. Your outside decorations are just as spectacular as your inside ones. That was nice of the neighbor to give you those deer.

  4. Pawsome lights! OMD... you got deer in your yard. Get dem!!!!!!!!
    Call if you need help.
    Wags & Merry Christmas,

  5. Your moms sure went above and beyond with the decorating! Merry Christmas!

  6. You need to declare bankruptcy before the electric bill arrives.

  7. I bet Santa is anxious to visit your beautiful and well decorated home.


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