Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas pals!!

Me and Brinley tried to wait up for Santa last night. 

But it are hard when it you are SOOO tried.

So momma took me to bed.

Uh oh, I fell asleep on the Grinch pillow! I hope Santa don't get da wrong idea.

I wuz up early this morning!

Looks like Santa came!!


Those are all for us, right??

Santa came for da humans too!

Wow, look at that stuff!

I bet Santa wuz impressed wif our decorayshuns!

I hope he liked em - enuf to leave EXTRA presents!

We even have a mini tree in the living room.

And the living room wuz plenty lit up for Santa to see.

I wuz in my jammies to start out the day.

Come on, when are we getting presents??

Hmm, while I'm waiting I'll go see Grandpa.

My head looks HUGE!

Then Brinley got up.

She couldn't wait to see what Santa brought either.

I hope he got the memo from those elves that we wuz good. 

Finley led us in some Christmas meditation. "The toys are all MINE" is her mantra - at least it's what she kept repeating.

She says she earned em. Ummm, ok Finley. Not gonna happen.

Then we changed into our Christmas dresses.

Brinley wuz Christmas card ready!

I wuz just eggcited!


Gimme everything!

After all, it's all about presents for pretty girls, right??

Which means we should clean up!

Ok, we LUV posin together.

That's what friends are for.

Our momma's grabbed us for pics too. As ya can tell, it wuz a warm Christmas. 

I tried to go for Grandma's stocking. There wuz candy in there after all!

Ok, I'l give Grandpa kisses instead.

What can ya say, I luv Christmas!

And hugs!

Lotsa hugs!

Brinley wuz enjoyin it too!

All this wrap are fun to play in!

Finally, time for my presents!

What can it be??

A Santa stuffy!

And a lil snowflake!

And look at this one!

A sloth!

I open pressies wif my paws. Finley uses her fangs and Brinley makes the humans do it for her. 

A singing bunny stuffy!

And tennis balls!

Wow, look at the loot! I also got a jacket and a new dress!

Mine all mine!

Finley wiz eggcited about Christmas too!

All the Christmas excitement wore Brinley out!

Stuffies are good for napping on too! 

BOL, maybe Brinley shouldn't have stayed up so late waiting for Santa.

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Merry Christmas. It looks like Santa Paws brought you everything on your list.

  2. You had on scottie pyjamas!!! Wow, you certainly got a sleigh-full of pressies!!!

  3. Merry Christmas,Its always so beautiful at yours,xx Speedy

  4. Merry Christmas to the world's biggest Christmas fans!
    Toodle pip!
    PS Did you know that I was abandoned yesterday when Gail went round for dinner with her friends and she even took the friends' wee Granddaughter Ina a little Westie stuffy labelled 'Hamish the Westie'. Ina is two years old, and cute, but not as cute as a Westie!

    1. Yeah, it's hard to find a kid as cute as a westie. Or a WFT for that matter.

  5. A Santa stuffie? Santa has met his match, no Christmas next year if the Santa stuffie gets deaded.

  6. OMD ya'll had da bestest Chrissymas day and we just wuv your dresses!! Merry Christmas furiends :)

    Matt & Matilda

  7. OMD!! Lots of smiles, cuteness and pressies!!! Happy Holidays to you!

    Pinot and family

  8. You look so happy. I am glad you had an awesome Christmas. I knew you would. You were all very good dogs this year.

  9. I'm squealing over the cute pictures!! Merry Christmas! Where did you get their pjs??

  10. You pups are so cute!! I am glad you had an awesome Christmas!


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