Friday, February 12, 2021

Happy Chinese New Year!


Happy Chinese New Year pals!

Da mommas are cookin up some Chinese tangerine beef to celebrate da Year of da Ox and it smells delishus!

In udder news, it looks like me and Brinley might finally get to see some real snow.

A blizzard and historical cold temperatures are predicted. Right now da low on Monday are sposed to be -2 which momma says are as cold as it got when she and Angel Whitley lived in Boston.

I'm thinking our walks are probably gonna be cancelled for a few days.

Guess I'll just hafta look cute for all my pals on da internets.

We all seem a lil extra energized by da cold, even Finley. But she is definitely happy when she comes back inside!  

In udder news, today I got my firstest ever dental cleaning. It wuz all rooteen and I wuz back to being my crazypants self right when I got home. Only now I has a sparkling white smile! But I did like that early dinner last night, too bad that can't be a regular thing . . . 


  1. Its great to have pearly whites!! They make your smile brighter and it goes way nicer with all your beautiful dresses!!
    Welcome to our world, as far as winter goes anyways...BOL!
    We are 21F right now, which feels warm compared to the frigid temps we had earlier this week!

    Stay warm you all!!

    1. Yeah, momma says it is a flashback to when she lived in Boston.

  2. Your low temp is going to be about the same as here and we are thousands of miles north of you! You girls all look so cute in your dresses. Have fun playing in the snow. We hope you love it as much as we do.

  3. Happy Chinese N.Y. to you also. I love your festive dresses and YIKES snow in Texas must be rare
    Thank goodness for having shining pearly whites
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Snow are not really dat rare, but this cold are.

  4. Hopefully 2020 will be gone. It was lingering around because the Chinese hadn't had a new year yet.

  5. Sounds like the polar vortex is headed for Texas! Stay warm, pups!

  6. Those are some fantastic dresses. Stay warm and dry. Keep those teeth clean so the vets don't do it to you.


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