Friday, February 26, 2021

New Dresses!

Dirty dog's white is greige
Some say gray, some say beige
Her paw and skirt are muddy
Dirt is her bestest buddy
Then water is restored
And from the tap is poured
So dirt is washed away
Nothing griege can stay

Ok Brinley, maybe I are no Roberta Frost, but I did wanna tell our pals we had to get baffs yesterday.

We survived. 

And today we got new dresses!

Finley got a new bandana.

Dey are grape-themed.

My momma says she likes her grapes furmented.

I guess I could go rub on her grapes, but it are kinda of a weird request right??

Oh and just in case ya didn't know - while we may look cute in our grape dresses, pups should definitely NOT eat grapes. They are toxic to us. 

Good thing these lil buttons aren't da real deal.

Well, I think I look pretty grape, don't you? 


Leave me a woof, I'll bark right back atcha!