Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Tuesday Tunes!

Hey pups! Well, da polar vortex are here which means I guess I won't be getting any bike rides for a while.


Maybe me and Brinley will finally see some real snow.

Finley says that grass better stay dry!

Well, around here we has been getting ready for Valentine's!

Ok, maybe there are not that much to get ready for since momma duz not have a Valentine. Thanks a lot COVID, BOL. 

Me and Brinley told her we'll be her Valentine's!

And I know Finley would be up for some Valentine's kissies too!

Well, since it are almost Valentine's, we're going wif love songs dis week. And we're putting the name and artist since we know sometimes the videos don't show up right for other countries - that way ya can try to find it if it's not workin for ya.

The Doors "Light My Fire."

The Temptations "My Girl."

Elton John "Your Song."

Cyndi Lauper "Time After Time."

Britney Spears "State of Grace." Yeah, momma has all the unreleased Britney songs floating around too. She's a HUGE Britney fan.

And "Happy Valentine's Day" by Outkast. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. we saw that snow... and we will go into a lockdown now ... if we get a litter box what fits...

  2. Cute Valentine's dresses! We are our mom's Valentines and it works out just fine for us too. Hope you get some snow to play in, you would love it.

    1. Well, since we're supposed to have blizzard condishuns, we just might!

  3. You all look so cute. Your dresses match your blog. We enjoyed your music selection today too.

  4. Oh, MY! Your poor Momma with no Valentine! um...um...there are two eligible bachelors here...just the right ages too!! BOL!
    I think they might get mad at petcretary though if they knew I told you that, so don't tell our secret, OK!?
    (And by eligible we don't mean us hooligans, BOL!)

    1. BOL BOL! Yeah, da COVID has made dating even more impossible.

  5. We didn't do it. Usually the weather moves west to east and you get our weather a day later. We haven't had snow. Don't blame us.

  6. We have loads of snow here, and for me that's great, as it means Gail can't ride her bike so I get extra walkies instead.
    Surely your momma wouldn't want any Valentines other than you Westie girls?
    Toodle pip!

  7. Aww, your Valentines Day clothes. I think we are going to have a snowstorm on Valentine's Day, at least that's what they are saying. So, you had some of my old time favorites, including Your Song and Time after Time, but the big surprise was the Britney song. Unreleased? Why not? It's so good, and I am not a Britney fan!

    1. Yeah, it is one of momma's favorite unreleased tracks. There's a lot of mystery (and some conspiracy theories) about Britney's unreleased songs.

  8. Such cuteness abounds over here!! That, and Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" made my day. ;)


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