Tuesday, February 23, 2021

What a Difference a Week Makes

So a week ago, it wuz like our house got transportated to da North Pole.

We had all dis white stuff to play in. It wuz crazy cold too!

Today it wuz 81. Dat are like about 85 degrees warmer dan we wuz a week ago! 

Which meant I got to go on a bike ride today!

And we got to spend time out back - except da momma wuz in a bikini and laying by da pool instead of in a parka and sheepskin boots.

Finley likes da warm weather a lot better. Dat ice and snow wuz hard on her. I kinda liked it, but it looks like our normal Texas winters are back. 


  1. Wow! 81! We thought the 45 was great here, LOL!! Lots of puddles here, and mud too...
    When the well head is visible we know we are on the good side of things, as in: when we can't see it, then there is a LOT of snow!

    Hope you stay on the good side of things now.

  2. we are so happy that jack frost buzzed off from da lone star state... enjoy the pre-spring and da bike ride ;O)

  3. Wow, 81 degrees F. Perfect weather for bike rides. Enjoy!

  4. We are happy you got a taste of real winter since no harm was done at your house, but happy you have it back as you like it.

    1. I did like da snow - momma says it just needs to be in da 20s instead if it comes again. We aren't prepared for more extreme stuff.

  5. In three months you'll be complaining about the heat.

  6. Texas weather is being extra kerazy lately!

  7. We're glad to hear your weather is doing much better. That is quite a swing.

  8. I hope to see you floating in the pool and enjoying a drink soon

  9. We're glad that wicked cold spell has gone away where you live. It's still plenty cold here in WNY, but we're pretty much used to it.


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