Sunday, February 7, 2021

Super Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday so it's selfie time!

Da three of us is watching da Super Bowl wif da peeps - and waiting for some Super snacks!

Me and Brinley wore our beer dresses. Since there isn't gonna be a Budweiser Clydesdale commershul dis year, I did my best Clydesdale impresshun wif my fluffy paws for ya. 

Maybe it'll even get me a sip of beer? A girl can hope . . . 


  1. You girls look so cute in your beer dresses.

  2. Beer!! Ya gotta have a beer or two or three when you watch football, right?? BOL!

    We think you are a wee bit too dainty, even with fluffy paws, to be a Clydesdale, Kinley!! Tee-hee!

    1. Momma says I could pull a six-pack around. She thinks she are funny.

  3. guess what? da staff furgot do watch it with us...can you ask please if they can start it again? (we ask for a friend LOL)

  4. Hope you got some good snacks. We didn't watch because we didn't really care about either team.


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