Saturday, February 6, 2021

Watchin Out for Cupid!

Hi pals!


Well, we has been patrollin da nayborhood makin sure dat Cupid Zombie stays gone! 

We don't need no goofball shooting us wif an arrow in da butt.  

Momma said somefin bout da COVID keeping Cupid away, but I figgered I better be on guard just in case. 

Ya can never trust zombies. Speshully flying ones dat are armed.

Anyways, we is gettin ready for da Super Bowl tomorrow. 

And like da Dallas Cowboys, we'll be watching from da couch. BOL! 

But dat are where da snacks are!!

And here's my momma's Caturday Art - a basset pup!

Have a pawsome weekend pals!


  1. We'll be rooting for Tom Brady. Once a Patriot always a Patriot.

  2. Love your art! A nice and sweet basset pup!

    Hope the right team wins, not that us Michiganders have any stakes in it, BOL!

    Are you going to watch the puppy bowl, too??
    Or switch between all the three choices....real football; kitten bowl or doggy bowl!?

    Us hooligans are cuckoo enough, so pawppy said he wants to watch the kitten bowl! Since there are only angel kitties here now, we need a kitty fix:) But we think as in years past they will rerun it all the day so we can see them all! Yes-siree!

    1. We usually did da kitten bowl first, then puppy bowl, then the human one. ;)

  3. We think Cupid will still be around cause he can be 6 feet away. Stay safe.

  4. So pleased we have you Westie girls to keep that zombie cupid character at bay. Now we can all rest safely on the sofa and watch the Supper Bowl (sounds good to me, although an odd name for what I gather is some sort of a big deal American Football game...)
    Toodle pip!

    1. Well, since we all eat a ton, it makes a lil more sense.

  5. You girls are doing a great job keep your peeps safe from those cupid zombies.


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