Thursday, December 2, 2021

Grandpa Update


So, it turns out Grandpa (Brinley's daddy) are gonna hafta have surgery on his shoulder - he are gonna hafta have a steel plate and screws at da minimum, it might be a parshul replacement if the bone falls apart during surgery.

He are still in a lot of pain. And his shoulder will probably never be the same again - we don't know how much he'll recover. He has surgery next Wednesday.

So yeah, it stinks. I keep trying to get him to pick me up cuz I LUVED when he'd pick me up but he can't right now. At least he can still pet me wif his other hand.

In other news, da mommas are getting started wif da Christmas decorating.

I better go hide da antlers!

Oh and we got some outside time dis week - leash-free finally!


  1. Don't worry too much. Mama 3 month ago had broken Femur with surgery, plates, wires and screws. She is doing just fine now and walks without a walker. Sure your grandpa will recover soon too.

    Her worse fear was being in hospital for two days with other sick people. Well it has been three weeks so guess no Covid go into her in the hospital.

    Kisses and more kiss to grandpa.

    Kaci and Kali who just for four teeth pulled and a graft on a canine too. She is doing fine. I true terrier!

  2. we are so sorry, that really stinks, you are right. and just because of such an idiot driver. Hugs and all the best for your grandpa....

  3. Sure hope that careless driver gets his comeuppance. Lawyers at your den?? Hope you can make that driver regret his careless moment.
    Sheesh, your Dad and Grandpa is going through so much, he needs you now to cheer him up, and to be good nurse pups after his surgery, We hope that will go well, with intended results and good healing.
    Sending pawyers and comforting thoughts.

  4. We're sorry to hear your Grandpa is hurting so much. Our paws are crossed that everything goes well for his surgery next week.

  5. Oh nose we are so sorry to hear dis!! We will be pawraying fur a successful surgery.

    Matt & Matilda

  6. Fingers and paws crossed for the surgery. I am sure you 4 legged nurses will take good care of your Grandpa!!

  7. We send all of you Power of thePaw and urrayers...

  8. We are sending you lots of prayers for a speedy recovery without pain.

  9. We hope everything goes well with your Grandpa. The ortho doctors do some amazing surgery these days, and I've seen lots of people get better quickly. Sending POTP.

  10. So pretty! We love the little gingerbread men! The Johnson Family and Lorelei Lab


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