Saturday, December 4, 2021

New Christmas Dresses!


First up I wanna thank all my pals for sending good thoughts and prayers to my grandpa. He's still in a lot of pain and has his surgery on Wednesday.

But we have been keeping him company.

My momma and grandma have been busy wif da Christmas decoratin. 

Today they finished outside lights - tomorrow they start da tree!

My momma made us new Christmas dresses!

Here's a close up.

Yup, those are cookies on the dress.

Hmmm, cookies sound pretty good to me!

My momma has started making some Christmas cookies.

But she needs to get to work on DOG cookies!

Da other side of da dress are red.

And there's these cute lil gingerbread men.

If this expresshun duzn't get me some cookies, I don't know what will!


  1. Fingers and paws crossed here that things go well for your grandpa on Wednesday.
    For sure that expression got you cookies Kinley. How could it not?

  2. Both sides of your dress are so cute and we think your adorable look should get you some cookies for yourself, too. Our paws are crossed for your grandpa and we hope his surgery goes well.

  3. You have cookies? I'll be right over.

  4. WE hope you Grampaw's surgery goes well and helps him feel better !

  5. You look marvelous.We are praying for you grandpaw

  6. Those dresses are darling! And too bad you can't eat the cookie buttons, BOL! Hope you did get some real ones!

    We are pawyering hard for your Dad and Grandpa to get through that surgery with flying colors and a good outcome as well. We pray for guidance for the surgeon's hands who will put all the broken pieces back together again. Above all for a great reduction of pain.

  7. Love the dresses! Good luck to your grandpa. Hope he feels better soon!

  8. OK, are these the same ones from last year? I hope so because that becomes a holiday tradition.

  9. Love your gingerbread cookie dresses, so cute!


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