Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Terrierific Christmas


We're hoping all our pals have a good Christmas. 

Ours are gonna be terrierific of course. And we has da new dresses to show it off.

As ya can tell by Finley's bandana, da theme of Christmas westies.

It are da perfect dress for us! 

Here's a closeup . . .

Hope your Christmas are terrierific. 

After all, da song duz say "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas . . ."



  1. you look super great and even when we have no white christmas, it will be a good one for all of us...

  2. Beautiful dresses and so perfect for you girls! Come on over - I have LOTS of snow to play in!

  3. We are dreaming of a white Christmas, but it isn't looking real good for that this year. Hope we enjoy it anyway.

  4. Bing had it wrong. It should have been "I'm dreaming of a West Highland White Christmas".

  5. Those are some perfect dresses for Christmas at your house!

  6. OMD..What pawfect terrier Christmas dresses!! You all look soooo very pretty in them too!!


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