Friday, December 18, 2020

One Week Till Christmas!

There's only one week till Santa Paws comes! Which means only one more week of being "good."

Hopefully being cute makes up for the occayshunal pee NotMe leaves in Aunt Ally's room.


And 2 AM barking.

Finley says not to worry, she says with the all the blackmail we've been collecting on those elves, we are gonna be fine.

We've been practicing our cutest westie head tilts just in case  (pro tip from momma - making a sound like you're choking makes your dogs do the CUTEST head tilt - yeah she is a WEIRDO and enjoys scaring us just to make us look cute).

We're hoping Santa brings us lotsa good stuff!! And hopefully he won't make weird scary choking noises while taking our photos.


  1. I'm sure that Aunt Ally would rather you leave solid presents pm her floor and you skip the liquid ones.

    1. She says she wants her presents left outside for some reason.

  2. You girls are all so cute. We're sure Santa has you on the 'nice' list.


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