Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Smiling Is Our Favorite


We just like to smile. Smiling is our favorite.

And today we has anudder reason to smile. Those naughty elves, Elwood O'Jingle and Aubrey McTwinkle have already provided us wif blackmail we need in order to insure a good report to Santa Paws.

It wuz all Finley's idea. She thought those elves might return to da scene of da crime, so she hid out in the sunroom and pretended to be asleep. And they went right to my momma's bike and started laffin about how I can't go for bike rides now.

So go ahead and laff elves. Ya ain't sposed to be making bike tires go flat. And ya definitely aren't social distancing - we are just waiting for you to even try to tell Santa on us! 

I wonder what those naughty elves will get up to next. 

I got the feeling we are all getting a good report this year, at least if those elves wanna keep their jobs.  We are gonna have a big dossy-ay on dem. BOL BOL.


  1. that elves huh? we really wonder what idea they will have tomorrow...you better eat them today LOL

  2. Good work getting some dirt on those elves. Boy am I glad they are not at our house.

  3. Those elves are just no good but you girls look great!

  4. Santa must believe in social distancing, why else live at the North Pole?

  5. You ladies be sure to keep a close eye on those conniving elves. You never know what tricks they might be up to next!

  6. Let me know if you need any help busting dos elves.

    1. I think we got em under control, but we might need backup.

  7. I think you may want to tell the elves that the spokes is not the best spot to ride on a bike.

  8. I thinks you gots things under control with those elves, butts if you needs some bigger back up, lets me knows....
    Ruby ♥


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