Saturday, December 5, 2020

Caturday Art

Hi pals!

Da mommas has been super busy dis week - dey has been doing all da Chrissymouse decoratin.

The outside decorayshuns are done, the inside decorayshuns are done, and today they finished up da tree.

Now they can get to da important stuff.


Like shopping for pups! And sewing for pups!

Oh yeah, and da baking. Which ya gotta share wif your loyal taste tester, right?

We has been watching Christmas movies round here.

Brinley are not a fan of ice or snow on da TV - da mommas wonder what she would do if they saw it for reals. Not that they really wanna find out, BOL.

For da Caturday Art blog hop, momma drew a Christmas westie.   

Have a good weekend pals!


  1. Mum finds Xmas films boring. She only watches if animals are featured.

    Lovely drawing!

    1. Momma doesn't do the sappy Hallmark ones. She likes funny ones.

  2. You girls have been busy snoopervising the peeps.

  3. We hope da mommas didn't work too hard decorating. They need to keep their strength up to go shopping for pups.
    Pee Ess. We love your Art.

  4. I hope you got some attention during decorating time.


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