Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve!


It's Christmas Eve! Almost time for Santa Paws!

Finley says he better bring some good stuff this year!

We spent last nite curled up in front of da fire while da mommas watched Christmas movies.

Den I headed off to bed to snuggle wif Travis. And don't believe what he says - he liked it!

We wuz rockin our Christmas scottie jammies.

They're terrierific!

Then we switched over to our Christmas Eve dresses.

We look like we're ready for a Christmas pawty! 

I bet Santa will like em.

I've got some more pics of our Christmas decorations today.

Our tree are jam-packed!

I hope some of those presents are for me!

Like maybe half of em??

Grandma's reindeer colleckshun.

Her mini tree.

And polar bears.

All available surfaces are decorated.

To da max!

The Jim Shore coastal Santas.

And our fireplace.

There's even more on top of da bookshelf!

Da kitchen gets decorated too. Ya know what would look on dat table??? BACON! And STEAKS! 

Well, earlier this month, I menshuned that those pesky elves, Aubrey McTwinkle and Elwood O'Jingle showed up to spy on us. But since they are such naughty elves, we worked out a lil agreement - what happens in Plano stays in Plano and nobody snitches. 

And those elves were naughty! Stealing candy!

And cookies!

Dat are just wrong.

Aubrey, dude, there's a 12-step program for dat.

They raided da liquor cabinet too.

And they broke da COVID rules wif maskless partyin! I don't think she's into it guys, ain't ya heard of #MeToo at da North Pole?

A menage a elf.

This are just all kinds wrong.

They even hoarded da TP!

And OMD, dey TPed my crate!

And Travis' litter box.

They even stole da Clorox wipes! Do ya have any idea how rare those are??

We told those rascally elves dat dey better say we wuz good, or else we wuz gonna send dese photos to Santa.

Those elves really aren't so bad when ya have got blackmail on em.

Yappy howlidays from our house to yours! 


  1. Raided the liquor cabinet? No wonder there was a face-plant.

  2. Merry Christmas to you all and your family! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Good thing you had surveillance on those elves so you could make the nice list for sure. What were they thinking wasting all that TP? Merry Christmas to all of you!

  4. Everything is so beautiful! Merry Christmas Westies!

  5. Merry Christmas to all of you. Love the decorations. Those elves belong on the super naughty list.

  6. Merry Christmas Eve!! Those elves sure are a wee bit deranged...BOL!


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