Monday, December 28, 2020

Music Monday


Hi pals! Today we are showing off da new dresses my momma made us for Christmas.

And Finley are showing off her new bandana. 

Everything's got a sewing theme.

And here's a close up - the buttons are sewing-themed too.

Maybe it'll be inspirayshun for momma to make us more dresses.

Well, it are also Music Monday. Da theme dis week are New Year's songs.

We're hoping 2021 are better dan dis year. 

A low bar has been set, BOL.

Yappy New Year!


  1. Gail would like to thank this blog for introducing her to Kacey Musgraves this year. Although we're afraid the answer to her question in today's song, "what are you doing on New Year's Eve?" is going to be staying at home, as every other evening for the last nine months...

    1. Yeah, unfortunately dat wuz my momma's answer too. Well, and almost gettin her finger broken, which are a whole other story.

  2. We think your mom should make herself something with the sewing fabric and take a photo with all of you since she is such an awesome sewing lady!

  3. The bar has been set so low even I can't limbo under it.

  4. Great New Year's assortment! Happy New Year!

  5. Hope the happy musics and wonderful dresses help to make 2021 a very much better year than just needs to slink quietly away!

  6. Those dresses are so cute. Our mom (who sews also) loves that fabric.

  7. Very nice buttons (wow!) nice selection of New Years Eve songs, especially the Death Cab for Cutie song. Bing Crosby's is a classic, of course. Let's chase 2020 away; we need a better year 2021. I hope we get it.


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