Monday, December 14, 2020

Music Monday

So me and Brinley got to bust out our Christmas jammies last night! 

I thought today WUZ Christmas since I raced right for the tree this morning.

Still no presents. Looks like we gotta keep waiting.

Finley said somefin bout us youngsters havin no patients. Well, duh, I'm not a dogtur.

I duz a a PhD in cute though. And humbleness, BOL!

Ok, time for some Christmas tunes while we wait for Santa.

Happy Howlidays!


  1. we love da feliz navidad a lot.. it is more a christmess song than the thing by gfeorge michael right?

    1. When momma lived in Boston she heard someone singing it "police la vida." And he wuz in a drugstore too!

  2. We all wait so very long for Santa to arrive and then Poof! He is here and gone and we are back to waiting another year. He should come more often.

  3. Christmas-full of cheer and an empty bank account.

  4. You have the cutest ever Christmas jammies!

  5. You girls look cute in your jammies. We still have a few more sleeps till Santa comes.


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