Saturday, September 12, 2015

Da Road Trip Part 1

On Thursday, me, Finley, and da mommas set out on our big Road Trip.  Me and momma even wore matchin anchor outfits, ya can tell we wuz ready for da beach.

East Texas sure has got lotsa trees.

Den we crossed into Loozy-ana.  Da skies turned all dark.

And we had to put up wif da rains.

We stopped at a rest stop.  Finley wuz bein a bit of a water hog, but I got some water too.

Your skies peed on our car Loozy-ana, so I are gonna pee on you!  BOL BOL!

I wuz ridin in style in my pink princess crate.  I just slept da whole way pretty much.

I did get some Nillas, dey iz my favorite snack.  I luvs me some nillas.

I also got to test out some Bacon Mac & Cheese potato chips - yummmmm!  And peanut butter ritzes, cheeze ritzes, Nutter Butters, stringy cheezes, yeah, I got all kindsa yummy stuff in da car.  And dat ain't even menshinunin da dog cookies.

Here we is crossin da Mississippi River in Baton Rouge.  We spent a LONG time there.

Hi tugboat!

Den we kept on goin till we got to Mo-beel.  But when I got to Mo-beel, I wasn't feelin to mo-bile, my left back leg has gone out on me.  We ain't really sure what are wrong since it doesn't seem like I coulda pulled a muscle (I wuz just sleepin in da car).  I didn't hop in or out or nuffin.  But I has been gettin carried a lot and I is doin ok at hoppin on three legs.  Plus, I got pizza bones in Mo-beel, so dat wuz good.

Me and momma at da hotel in Mo-beel.

A face dis cute deserves to be carried anyways.

Da nextest day, we got to go through a tunnel.

After bein thru da tunnels in Boston, it wuzn't really dat eggcitin, but it wuz still kinda fun.  Ya know how us terrierists like diggin.

Den we crossed Mo-beel Bay.

And pretty soon we wuz into Florida!!

We gots to go over some more water.

Look at dem palm trees!!

When we got to da cottage on Sanibel, it wuz all dark, but we still went down to da beach anyways.  I wuz so eggcited bout smellin da oshun airs dat I wuz huffin em - it has been over 4 years since I wuz at da beach and I wuz so happy to be back.  I got all wet and sandy last night!  I got more nillas and tasty snackies too!

Dis are da cottage where we is stayin, ain't it cute??

It are RIGHT ON da beach - ya can sees da oshun from inside!

I can't really run on da beach since my back left leg are still not workin, but I can sit and enjoy da water.  Which I has been doin.

Dere are tons of seashells here!

I even gots some in my furs!!

And of course I rooted round in da sand and got good and dirrrrty.

I's so happy to be spendin my birfday at da beach!

Dis are my Florida Smile.

Hello Mr. Ibis!

My momma found dis HUGE sand dollar - it wuz still alive, so dey wuz good and put it back in da water.  But dey did snap a picture furst.  And dere were tons of alive baby sand dollars too - da mommas wuz eggcited, dey has only ever seen dead ones.

After we went down to da beach dis mornin, I gots to enjoy a chikken birfday breakfast and a Texas Toothpick.

Finley are eggcited to be at da beach too!

I's wearin my birfday dress!

I's opened a couple of my presents - I gots a birfday cake stuffie from Allison - fanks Ally!!

And I gots a pink panther stuffie from Finley's momma.

And an ally-gator stuffie from my momma.  It are Florida, so I hads to get a gator.

I also opened up my firstest dress from my momma.

It sure are a pretty one!

Ok, I's ready for a lil siesta before some more birfday eggcitement - I's plannin on more beach time, more pressies, a speshul birfday dinner at a pup-friendly restaurant, my peanut butter birfday pupcakes, yup, I better rest up!

Fanks so much for my birfday piccie Freckles, I luvs it!!


  1. Wahoovies!!! Happy, Happy Barkday Whitley!! Looks like you, Finley and your Mamas are having a great road trip!!!! What pawsome pressies!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. Wow what a long trip! You were such a good pup on the trip. You deserve everything you got. Enjoy the beach. Hope your leg feels better

  3. Why does something like your back leg always happen as such a bad time! Glad you are enjoying your vacation despite that problem. Have fun!

  4. What a grreat barkday you're having!! I'm sorry you're leg's not doing too well. Hopefully with some sleep you'll be feeling better. Enjoy the oshun!

  5. What a cool and super happy birthday!! You sure know how to pawty. Angel Sasha loved nillas, they were her favorite. Happy Birthday and I hope you have tons of fun.

    Ziggy Out!!

  6. Happy birthday. Looks like a great vacay. Hope that your leg is feeling better.


  7. A very Happy Birthday to you, Whitley! Love all the pictures! We sure hope your leg feels better soon...

  8. Wow, you are having a great vacation! Happy Birfday! Those dresses are all beautiful too. Is your leg better?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. I think Whitley you are having one of the bestest birthdays I have ever seen.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William TheScot

  10. Birthday at your den, BOL!! The pawrty is on the beach I think...

    And its great too there!

    You are furry welcome fur the piccie, Whitley!

    Once again Happy Barkday to YOU!!

  11. Love the incredible fun photos Whitley! My goodness, what a birthday party you're having. Many more to you!!! Your pal, Toby

  12. Happy barkday! Thats a neat bird and sand dollar on da beach! Love your birthday cake stuffie.

  13. Now that is a cool road trip! lots of stuff to see. What a great birthday you are having Whitley
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. OMD! You were like ten minutes from us at the Louisiana Tourist stop! Howl at us on the way back and we can come to say "Hey!" if y'all have time!

  15. Happy birthday, Whitley! You're in my state and not only that, you're at mom and dad's most favorite place! I live near Tampa. You're about 5 hours away right now. *ear licks* Noodle

    1. 5 hours??? I know Finley's momma likes to drive fast, but it only took us bout 2 1/2 miles from Tampa.

  16. that was some road trip - did you wave to us as you passed Jacksonville? You sure look like you are loving the sea water - it is one big pool isn't it

    1. Yeah, I barked at y'all as we turned onto I-75 off of 10.

  17. Happy yappy birthday, Whitley!!!

    Can I have your new toys yet?????


  18. My mommy said your mommy is gorgeous. And I agree. Kinda reminds me of my mommy with the tan and hair, except my mommys hair is kinda white haha...she's trying to be a freaking bunny rabbit or something.
    Happy Birthday again. Virgos furever. Xxoo maddiethepug

    1. Da only kinda rabbit my momma has been mistaken for are da kind dat escapes from da Playboy Manshun.

  19. Oh Happy Birthday Whitley!! looks like a great road trip and so much sea time..awesome! noms and water and pretty dresses and toy..the best way for a girl to spend her birthday :) keep having fun and i hope your leggie feels better soon :) loves Fozziemum xx

  20. what a wonderful trip! I love the cottage and that beach and your ocean! and your momma is the best for rescuing that sand dollar guy... I bet now a lot of dollars come to you now, for rescuing the one... and they are not made of sand :o)

  21. You look so at home on the beach, Whitley! What a fun trip!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

    1. I luvs it! It has been years and years since I gots to go and I are so happy to be here.

  22. Don't overdo it-get that leg in shape. How many of the little sand dollars make up a big one? If it is 10, then they're sand dimes.

  23. Wow! What an amazing voyage! Thanks for all the photos. We loved seeing them.

  24. You Florida smile is so cutey tootey! We are so glad you had fun on your road trip and got lots of yummies :)

  25. Wowsa gurls!!!! What a trip!!! I guess that was your big surprise, huh??!! I thinks that is a pawsome surprise!!! Lucky doggies fursure!!!! Ma is all jealous, cause that looks like quite the paradise!!! I thinks the beach means margaritas!!!! Okays, okays, everythings means margaritas! hehehehe
    Ruby ♥

    1. Yeah, margaritas are mandatory at da beach. Course wif my momma, margaritas are mandatory everywheres.


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