Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sanibel Day 2

I had anudder pawsome day at da beach today.

But firstest, my momma and Finley's momma went out to da beach alone - dey left me and Finley in da cottage!!!  What da woof???

Momma said dey wanted to pick up shells easier and swim in da oshun.  I's not surprised bout my crazy momma wantin to swim in da oshun.  See, ever since she wuz bout 3 years old, she has been obsessed wif dis movie, Da Lil Mermaid.  Or somefin like dat.  Y'all don't even wanna know how far dis obseshun goes, she bought it da day in came out on DVD, she knows all da words, she has da soundtrack on her iPod (wif way too many listens), talkin bout Howloween costumes wif her as a mermaid and me as Sebastian da crab, and she has even been talkin bout makin her own silicone mermaid tail.  I guess it are better dan makin some fings outta silicone, course she don't really need help in dat department.  Anyways, she went off to go swim in da oshun and pretend to be Ariel.  Cept for da part bout her bein quiet for three days, dat one are not gonna happen.  BOL BOL.

Me and Finley wuz good and waited back at da cottage.

I gots to wear my new flamingo dress my momma made today, I finks I's lookin very Florida-appropriate.

It even has flamingo buttons.

We saws a sea turtle today, but dis idiot woman wuz yellin at it and chasin it before my momma could get any closer.  My momma said somefin bout da turtle runnin away being worried dat an angry manatee had grown legs cuz yeah, my momma are nice like dat.  Da woman wuz obnockshus though.

Finally it wuz time for me to go down to da beach.

As ya can tell, I wuz one happy pup.

Finley got to go for a walk on da beach wif her momma.

My leg are still not really workin, so I didn't walk.  I just sat and enjoyed da beach.

Ya can tell what a good time I had.

I liked sittin right by da waters' edge where I could get a lil wet.

Finley had a great time on her walk, she luvs da beach too.

Mostly I ignored da burds, but dis one wuz bein kinda rood and invadin my terriertory, so I had to bark him some.

Momma wuz pickin up seashells on da beach dat washed up by us.  I helped by catchin some in my furs - seriously, she found a really cool baby seashell in my furs.  I's finkin I are gonna need a seashell-encrusted collar or a seashell-blinged dress as payment.

All dat watchin da oshun wuz eggzaustin.

Den we went out to eat tonite, since it wuzn't stormin.  Momma decided to match me and wear her green dress wif flamingos.  And I's even lettin her show off her selfie on here, cuz I's nice like dat.  Plus, I like dat we wuz pretty much matchin.

Eggcept I are a natural blonde, no peroxide needed here.

I had to ride in da backseat on da way to da restaurant, somefin bout my momma not wantin her Lilly Pulitzer dress to get messed up.  Whatefur momma, I called shotgun.

At least I gotta sit up on da booth seat at da restaurant.

Finley gots to come too, she sat wif her momma.

I got bored waitin for da food to be served.

For some reason, Finley wanted to get down on da ground.  I don't get what are wif her sometimes, she are sleepin on da coffee table right now.  I'll take da couch.

Dis wuz what my momma ate, crab-stuffed shrimpies, smashed taters, and Frenchie fries.  Finley's momma shared a shrimpie tail wif me, but all my momma shared wuz Frenchie fries.  What da woof???  Dat are no better dan Whataburger Wednesday momma!  And Finley got multiple shrimpie tails from her momma.  Unfairs I says.


  1. You ignore burds? There's no sense in my saying any thing else.

  2. All you got was French fries?? What??? I've had so much food at the #ho-tel. I'm stuffed! Hugs!!

    1. Yeah, I got cheated today. Cuz my momma are a pig.

  3. Wowee! That beach is super pawsome!

    Too bad about your leg putting a kabosh on taking a good walk.

    I think you need to bark a protest about the unfairness of the food not coming your way, hey you're on vacation, you should get anything you want:))


    1. Eggsactly!!! My momma needs to do better at sharin da seafoodz.

  4. my momma howled with laughter as she read about that angry manatee and the turtle...she probably got oshun-fever :o) your dress is egg-stremely floridable, that's for sure... and that shrimpies look like a dream :o)

  5. You and your momma look so cute in your matching flamingo dresses, Whitley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. "angry manatee had grown legs" OMG my Mom LOVED that cause she is the same, she has a MOUTH (but that woman deserved it!) How dare she scare that turtle!? Your photos are just great the beach and you and your Momma look gorgeous!!! Love your matching outfits! xoxo

  7. Hi Whitley, and a belated Happy Birthday. (We have been 'off grid' for a few days). Thanks for the Pool Party. Who knew water could be such fun! Looks like you're all having a brilliant time at the beach.
    Toodle pip!

  8. you have turned into a regular beach babe Whitley and we loved your little flamingo dress - that was so cute

  9. I know y'all were the cutest beach pups Florida had ever seen.

    Aroo to you,

  10. I loves your flamingo dress, Whitley. You look so festive! You must be the best dressed pup in Florida.

  11. Mom wants to go there so bad. Is it dig friendly?
    Lily & Edward

    1. Dog friendly not dig friendly. You have some cool clothes

    2. Well, da beach are dig-friendly, BOL BOL!

      But seriously, it are pretty dog-friendly. Da beach allows us pups, and dere are lotsa restaurants dat has outside eatin where we can go too.

  12. Wow, you two are having a wonderful time on the beach and wearing new dresses!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. and your Mama look so very glam in your matchie dresses!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. You look so happy at the beach. And getting to go for dinner is the bomb

  15. You look real happy! I'm scared of turtles, so I wouldn't want to run into one.

    1. Dey don't seem dat scary to me. Gators on da udder paw . . .


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