Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Time in Sanibel and Da Trip Home

Well, I hopes y'all likes pictures cuz I gots a bazillion of em.

On Tuesday, we had annudder nice day at da beach on Sanibel Island.

Da mommas went out early in da mornin to look for shells.  My momma found dis pretty welk shell - and she also found a hermit crab who musta thought it wuz a pretty good shell too!

Dey also got to see some live fighting conches, Finley's momma made sure dat nobody picked em up to steal dere shells (some of dem peeps wuz lookin like dey wanted to).

And den dere wuz dis birdie wif da sunburned legs, BOL!

Dere wuz piles and piles of shells.

My momma went off and did her mermaid thing of swimmin in da oshuns.

Me and Finley wuz waitin for em back at da cottage.

I wore my new dolfin dress.

It even has mermaid and dolfin buttons.

My momma has got crazy hairs from bein in da oshuns.

Finally, it wuz time for me to go down to da beach again.  Come on, let's go!

I couldn't walk too great, but I wuz tryin my best to get down to da waters.

And I wuz a happy pup when I wuz there.

Finley and me wuz both happy!!

Da weather wuz lookin kinda threatenin . . .

Finley and her momma went on a walk, me and my momma just parked our butts on da beach.

Finley had a fun time playin in da surf.

I just waited for da surf to come to me!

I luvs feelin dem oshun breezes on my furs.

 And who doesn't like gettin all sandy???

Den it started pourin and we had to go in for a whiles.  But den it stopped rainin quite so hard and I gotta go back out again.

I wuz happy!

I helped my momma look for seashells - she wuz diggin through seashell piles and us terrierists is eggspert diggers.

Seashells sure smells interesting!

Den I walked on da beach some.

Dis one burd kept invadin my terriertory, so I had to bark him.

I got some pets, but I also got some rood comments like "you know that dog's limpin" (duh, my momma are not an idiot) and "what's wrong with that dog?" (to which my momma responded "what's wrong with your face" - very machure momma, BOL BOL).  Guess some peeps has never heard dis one . . .

But I had a good time anyways.

 Den da mommas went out to go eat.  And dey wuz matchy matchy - yup, dey is sillies!  Dey even went out to eat at George and Wendy's Sanibel Seafood Grille in dere matchin outfits.

Dat night, my momma hurt her toe real bad.  Nope she didn't get it cut on a shell or stung by a jellyfish or anything ya might be thinkin.  She fell in da cottage, stubbin her big toe so bad on da ground dat da skin ripped and it bled all over da place.  And nope, she hadn't been drinkin DAT much!  BOL!  It wuz nasty.  So dere are no pictures of it.  Cuz I don't figger my pals is into pictures of nasty bloody feets and if anybody who are readin my blog are into dat kinda weirdo stuff, well, dey can just move along, ok??  So da lastest day wuz kinda a bummer for my momma - no mermaid swimmin for her wif her foot like dat.

I don't think it are all dat bad, now me and momma is both gimpy.  And she does like to match me, BOL.

Momma did take some more pictures and look for more shells though,

And she met dis lil crabby dude while she wuz lookin.  Momma luvs crabs (both da eatin kind and da lil animal kind).  I fink it are dat Lil Mermaid thing again.

More burdies.

Momma really went nutso wif da seashells - if dere are any left on da beach, it are not her fault, BOL BOL!

It wuz a pink kinda day.

I wore da new bike dress dat Finley's momma made me for my birfday.

Momma matched me, and not just wif gimpiness.

Den we had to leave.  I fink Sanibel wuz sad to see us go cuz da sky wuz cryin a lot, BOL!

Finley wuz lookin concerned bout gettin in da car.  Like we'd forget her!

Does we really have to go momma??

Ok, but I don't gotta be happy bout it.  At least I's wearin my cute pinwheel dress (it are da reverse side of da bike dress).

Momma wore pink too.

Den we went up da highway to Tallahassee.  Da mommas got all dressed up for dinner - dey said we wuz goin to meet a friend!

Remember how I wrote bout my pal Atticus Finch dat passed away?  Well, me, Finley, and da mommas went to meet his momma and his lil brofur Harper at Newk's.

Harper wuz such a cutie - and such a big pup!  He makes me look kinda miniature!

We had a good time sniffin each udder and givin each udder puppy kissies.

Finley wuz a lil standoffish at first, but she calmed down once she realized Harper wuzn't gonna get her pizza bones.  And pizza bones wuz involved.

By da end of da nite, we wuz boff in luv wif Harper and wanted to take him home wif us.

I mean, who couldn't luv dat cute face??

Neither me or Finley wanted to leave, but da mommas made us get back in da minivan to go to da hotel.

At least we had a good view.

Da nextest day, we wuz ready to get on da road again.  Even if we had to do it wifout da cutie pie Harper.

I wore my starfishy dress.

Me and momma wuz ready for anudder long car ride!

Furst stop (well, after da gas stayshun where I had to stay in da car) wuz Alabama.  And yup, da skies wuz so blue.  Me and momma finally saw someone usin one of dem selfie sticks (we had seen bout dem on TV nut nefur in person).  And it wuz even goofier dan it sounded.  Everybody just needs to travel wif a personal photographer like me.

Like Alabamans, us terrierists dare to defend our rights too.  Don't mess wif us!

I's serious there!  BOL!

We crossed Mo-beel Bay again and da water wuz really blue.

I guess dey even know how pawsome Texas are in Mo-beel.

Den we went to Miss-Is-Yippy.  I can't believe dey named a whole state after me.  BOL BOL!

We saw Mississippi Burnin, and I ain't talkin bout no movie bout da murder of civil rights workers.

Everyone had to stop and stare.

Maybe it are just dat I are from Texas, but I has seen more impressive smoke comin off da grill when we is BBQin.  BOL!!

Or maybe it are dat I lived in southern California and wildfires aren't dat eggcitin unless da flames are actually crossin da highway.  And den, everybody knows to drive FAST, not stop and stare.

Anyways, da fire, which were not so eggcitin, made da trip through Miss-Is-Yippy take longer dan it shoulda.

Next up wuz Loozy-ana.

Luckily, we wuz about to cross dat Miss-Is-Yippy River a lot quicker dan last time.

Wow, dat are one big boat!

I bet dere wuz gators in da Atchafalaya Swamp. (try sayin dat three times fast.  Or three times at all).

Da mommas grabbed some crawfish et-too-fay and Pray-Zhuns in Lafayette.

I's surprised my momma stopped eatin long enuf to take a picture.  Finley tried yippin for some, but it didn't work.  We did get Texas Toothpicks though.

We saw a real pretty sunset on da way to da hotel in Alexandria.

Dis mornin, me and Finley wuz ready to get on da road and get home!

Ok, maybe I wuz ready for anudder hour of sleep, BOL!

Momma and me matched again - well duh, it are game day and we always match den.

Travelin are fun, but dere are nowhere like da Lone Star State.

We posed here almost four and half years ago too.

Ok, our ears may be floppier (I has developed a lil aural hematoma dat are makin my ear floppy like Finley's - it are even da same ear).  One of us may be a lil balder (Finley and her aller-jeez).  And da udder of us may be a lil gimiper and less able to stand (dat are me).  But we is still here, still goin strong.  And I think we is pretty good shape for da shape we is in.

Yup, dere are no place like Texas.

And dem six flags ya's heard bout??  It are not just an amoosement park either.  It are history and us Texans are proud of ours.

Well, it are almost time for my football game, plus I also are watchin da Longhorns wif Finley.  So Hook 'em Horns and Go Bruins!


  1. Yep, we are in purdy gud shape fur da shape we're in.... bol, bol!!

    (Momma sez dat she are gonna give da nextest person dat sez sumpthin' rude 'bout one of us pups one of her patented "eat death" looks and ask them whut in blue blazes made dem think she gave a flying fig 'bout der opinion... cept it weren't a flyin' "fig" she sed... bol, bol...)

  2. Umm, don't believe these clowns. All of us K's are on your side

  3. Um why would anyone say such rude things about you? So many asshats in this world! Your momma was right. What's wrong with their face!
    Glad you guys had fun and are home safe.

  4. Love the stormy beach pictures. It could almost be Scotland.
    Toodle pip!
    PS So glad you all made it safely home and in such good shape.

  5. Wow!!! We think this post should win an award for BEST post of the YEAR!! We absolutely LOVED all of your beach pictures and you and your mama and your matching outfits!! Your dresses are just beautiful Whitley!! You guys sure went on a SUPER LONG must have taken ... like 87 days!! We are really hoping to talk our mama in to going to Sanibel and checking out some of those cool shells and birds and stuff! You saw SO many neat things there!! Bet you slept for a long time after you got home though...Happy Sunday! xo Chloe and LadyBug

  6. Looks PAWsome! I love going in the sea on holiday, too! Just like your mummy!

  7. Loved all your photos! Sounds like a fab time was had!

  8. Wow! That was some fabulous and fun trip! We loved all of the pictures!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. these photos are so great I could look at them forever!!
    "the birdie with the sunburned legs" was hilarious!
    There is nothing better than walking on the beach, it's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  10. That was an amazing trip! We loved seeing all the pictures!

  11. Wow, those are some wonderful photos and some beautiful dresses. We said this before butt your mom really needs to show us a picture of your closet!! Your mom sure can sew some pretty dresses! That one crabby looked pretty weird. Did your mom talk to the crabs when she used to be a mermaid?
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Probably. She luvs to talk - sometimes she even asks me what she should wear da next day, BOL BOL!

  12. What a pawsome road trip Whitley!!! We just loved reading allllll about it!! We are sorry your Mama hurt her toe and hope it is all healed up!! Such pawesome pictures of so much pretty ocean life!!

    We think people should pay more attention to their own stuff tho....
    Welcome Home Smileys!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    PeeEss...Mama measure me and I'll be sending the deets to you is a few minutes :)

    1. Pawsome! My momma are probably gonna get to work on your dress dis week.

      Her toe are still messed up, whatefur she did to it wuz pretty nasty. And she are whinin all da time bout bot bein able to exorcise. I say she should nap more like me. :)

  13. Well that looked like the most pawsome trip ever! It is always nice to be home though!
    Mr Bailey ,Hazel & Mabel

  14. That looked like the most pawsome trip ever. Those were tons of shells. mommy never saw that many before! Sorry about the bloody toe that sounded painful. Glad your Momma wasnt drinking DAT much when she hurt it.

    1. Maybe she wuzn't drinkin enuf, BOL BOL!

      And yeah, dere are billions of shells on Sanibel.

  15. Wow, what an awesome trip y'all had! Love all your outfits and pics, what fun!

  16. What an amazing holiday and trip! We're glad you are home safe and sound again.
    Wally & Sammy


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