Saturday, September 12, 2015

More Birthday Fun

So I kept on celebratin my birfday.

Finley's momma made me a dress too - it matches my bike basket.  Da mommas took da bikes wif em to Sanibel, and I is real glad of dat since I are still not usin my leg.  Dat bike are gonna help me get all round da island!

Den we all went back out to da beach and I got some more time in da waters.

I even gots to make a new friend - he gave me tons of pets!  I luv gettin boy attenshuns and I got tons from him!!

And I saw my ibis pal again.

 I also got to sit on da beach and relax.

Dere are bout a hundred gazillion seashells here, my momma has never seen so many!  Her and Finley's momma are havin fun collectin em.  

We wuz gonna go out to eat, but it wuz stormin so da mommas decided to do takeout instead since dey didn't want to be sittin outside in a storm.  Dey went to The Island Cow and got crabbycakes and coconut shrimpies.

And da bestest part wuz dey shared!  I got some frenchy fries, part of a muffin and since it wuz my birfday I even gots a lil bits of crabbycake and shrimpies!  My momma usually never shares her seafoods!!

I wuz even allowed to sit at da table!  Finley had to sit on da floor, BOL!

Den it wuz back to openin pressies.  I got a hippo stuffie from my momma.

She gave me a koala stuffie too.

And Finley's momma gave me a monkey!  I's accoomoolatin a whole zoo!

My momma gave me anudder dress - dis one has flamingos on one side and dolfins on da udder.

Finley's momma gave me an efalant toy too.

And a blue and gold collar!  It'll be pawfect for UCLA game days!

Finley's momma also gave me a shark - I hope dis stuffie are da only one of dem I see dis trip!

And I got anudder Florida-themed dress from my momma - one side has starfishes and da udder side has gators!

I did pretty good on pressies - I got a total of 13!!  Eight stuffies, four dresses, and one new collar!

Finally it wuz cupcake pupcake time!  And dis are a REAL cupcake - my momma made em for me from a real people recipe - no dog-recipe for dis girl.  So it wuz super yummy, da mommas sure liked em too!

I's keepin it a secret what I wished for.

My cuppycake wuz delishus, I ate it right up.  Finley scarfed hers down in record time too, BOL!

It wuz a pretty good birfday.  It could been better if my leg wuz better, but I had tons of fun wif my new pressies and at da beach anyways.  And I got tasty noms and a lot of boy attenshun, not too bad for a teenage princess.


  1. What a fangtastic birthday Whitley...Those are some very pretty dresses and cutie patootie stuffies!!! Of course, the road trip and beach time with your Mama is the bestest present of all!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. Whitley you deserved every bit of attention! All those pressies WOW! The pool party was a blast too. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  3. People keep coming up to me at the #ho-tel saying I'm cute too. And I'm like I know right? I mean, when you look like you and me, it's kinda a given! Glad your trip is rockin too!!

    1. Yeah, I mean, I luvs gettin told I's cute, but it are kinda statin da obvious.

  4. oh you even got Mr. Sharkie... no wonder that the beach boys and Mr. Ibis followed you :o) You are beautiful and I can't wait to see you on a biking tour with your new dress :o)

  5. what a wonderful way to spend your birthday - all that water to splash in

    1. Yeah, I has been to da Pacifical, da Atlantic, and da Gulf now. All three coasts are mine!!!

  6. What a wonderful birthday celebration you are having! BUTT we hope your leg is better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. It are a lil better, but I's still not really usin it.

  7. I bet your wish was to be around to do it again next year at 14.

    1. I's still not tellin ya BurdBrain. But for a BurdBrain, ya is a pretty good guesser.

  8. You had an absolutely wonderful celebration there, sweet friend. So many stuffies and dresses not to mention all the food and attention and WATER.
    What would your life be without water? And stuffies and dresses and attention.
    Leg, please feel better!

  9. Wuv all your new dresses and stuffies! You sure do look good in beachy hair ;) We hope your leg feels better soon.

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Whitley!!! Wishing you the very best! Xoxo
    Vicki and Tulip

  11. Looks like you had a totally pawesome barkday!

  12. What a wonderfur birthday you had! How ya gonna top that next year?? BOL!!

    I hope your leg starts to heal.

  13. I think that you had the most magical birthday ever. We are sending kisses on the breezes for your wonderful Mom for giving you such a special day

  14. What a fantastic birthday you've havin', Whitley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. So happy you had a pawesome birthday! Looks like your Mom got some "attenshun" too BOL!!

    1. Yeah, for some reason momma finks she are da one dat attracks da guys to talk to us. I know it are all ME though.

  16. HaPpY (belated) BiRtHdAy WHITLEY!!!!! OMD you totally scored with all that birthday loot! We're so sorry to hear that your leg is giving you trouble - we are sending POTP.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.
    BIG licks,
    Wally & Sammy

  17. Hope you had the Best Barkday ever!



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